Transforming the Narrative

Transforming the Narrative

As a Latina, my stories always seemed different… but different from who? I never fit in either there nor here, and struggled to find myself in it all. I realized through age and some touch of clarity, that I wasn’t alone, through all this, our Narrative has not been told.

This progressive platform is missing, the focus on women of color, cultures, ideals, and our beliefs. How we are and who we are, in unity.

I’ve launched a platform that brings the meaningful issues for femmes de colure . I’m calling this new endeavor Chica.

There are no restrictions to our Selves, who we are and how we relate. We are unique, and labels have kept the patriarchy and systems in play. So in the spirit of evolution to our feminine spirits, “we” is just “us” at… And I am you. ventures into the value of who we are, at any single moment.

Identity, issues and culture. And the intersection of us.

We have some extraordinary women that have put forth a great amount of work, and it is the understanding that we are a collective, and that we are conscious, with the purpose to discuss, evolve and reveal an open narrative- our narrative - where the issues and us meet - the intersectionality of our lives. is the master narrative.

I hope I do us Justice.

Vanessa Smith