Petitioner, Vanessa Smith, pleads with this court to intervene in the matter pertaining to my child in Civil Case No. 16-01-5754-52 in the Superior Court of Cobb County, State of Georgia.

My 8 year old child is abandoned in court, in part due to this courts’ decision by Justice Hull, and I need urgent intervention for he is currently at-risk and has been deprived for one year. I have attempted to take possession of my child for an entire year in that court without success; the issue warrants another courts intervention.

Petitioner requests that Justice Frank Hull recuse herself from the matter due to pending litigation setting complaint against Justice Hull.


PLEASE HELP ME RETRIEVE MY CHILD. Authorities are waiting for Judicial intervention in order to proceed.

Criminal allegations have been set forth in original pleading.

IN RE Smith


COMES NOW, Vanessa Marie Smith, entering pro se, to respectfully request this court for a change of venue on the matter presented, joined herein Docket No. 17-13148, from this court to a more appropriate venue, for a fair and unbiased hearing thereon.

Due to the allegations of judicial misconduct set forth herein against Subject Judges, and the Petitioners substantial fear of living in Atlanta, Georgia, as set forth in original claim, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is a forum non conveniens sua sponte.

The judge presiding shall be satisfied that a trial, alike fair and impartial to the accused and to the State, cannot, from any cause, be had in the county in which the case is pending, by reason of existing combinations or influences in favor of the accused, or on account of the lawless condition of affairs in the county.

We find that this representation is well-founded and that the ends of public justice will be subserved thereby. A right to change venue to any court in the judicial district is satisfied by refiling into the U.S. Second Court of Appeals.

WHEREFORE, I respectfully move this court that in the interest of justice in the matter pertaining to Docket No. 17-13148, a fair and convenient forum would be found in an alternate court.

Peremptory Challenge to Judicial Officer, IN FORMA PAUPERIS

Comes Now, Vanessa Marie Smith, Petitioner, entering pro se, setting forth a judicial complaint against Justice Frank Hull of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States of America.

There was a breach of duty of care, abuse of indiscretion, abuse of power in the color of duty as a Federal Court Justice. In the interest of justice, a more appropriate forum would be found in another forum.

Summary: Petitioner requested a Writ of Mandamus in Forma Pauperis in this court on July 13, 2017. Justice Hull erred in dismissing this case as “frivolous”.

Justice Hull failed to enter into the record the matter, and erred when she dissented on the matter, qualifying the claim as “frivolous”. Pauper status request was denied, despite Fulton Superior Court approving in forma pauperis in separate matter, despite the fact that I am 1) Indigent and 2) Disabled and 3) Should have a right to attorney in accordance with the ADA, Federal Law and State Law. Judicial intervention to rescue a child in danger should not ever need pauper status in order to proceed. The nature of the allegations set forth in claim are criminal in nature.

Motion for Counsel, which asserts that Petitioner and Petitioner’s child have a right to public attorney, in accordance with the American Disabilities Act and Juvenile Laws, was dismissed without relief. Petitioner humbly pleads the court for an en banc review on the matter, as the life and welfare of a minor child is currently at-riskand substantially being affected due to the course ofproceedings in court, and the issue of constitutionality and harm by a public officer is being raised in this matter.

Judicial intervention is the only remedy in Civil Case No. 16-01-5754-52 of the Superior Court of Cobb County. There is currently no remedy and child is abandoned in court. The Superior Court has no jurisdiction in the matter and therefore cannot proceed, and the judge has recused himself without dismissing the case, leaving the child abandoned in court. The issue warrants judicial intervention and there is no dispute of material fact in the matter. Justice Hull erred in dismissing this case as “frivolous” without hearing.

Immediate Injuctive Interlocutory Relief Requested

WHEREFORE, the damages rendered are still being assessed, since they are still being rendered, and a change of venue has been requested. In order to proceed Petitioner seeks injunctive interlocutory relief IN THE AMOUNT OF (U.S.DOLLARS) $15,000,000 from the damages incurred by this court and Justice Hall pending final verdict, and $25,000,000 for damages in Cobb County and officials pending final verdict, as these are reasonable monies in order for the status quo to be met pending pending final judgment and assessment of damages.

Petitioner seeks relief set forth in claim against the then Petitioner Dennis Brown included in Petition for Writ of Mandamus, and the immediate safe return of my minor child.